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Alexis is currently conducting doctoral research in intersensorial composition using infrasounds (acoustic waves below 20 Hz). Her subject concerns the creation of electroacoustic compositions using infrasounds, particularly in a context that engages both hearing and touch, and occasionally vision. Her research is inspired by the cognitive sciences, human biodynamics, and acoustical physics.

Here you can download a copy of her 1st year Masters thesis: L'infrason en Art (trans. Infrasound in Art) and her 2nd year Masters thesis: Le potentiel de la musique infrasonore: Avec quelques applications intersensorielles. For the moment, these documents are only available in French. These works will be expanded upon in her dissertation, to be available sometime between 2015-2016.

| L'infrason en art | Le potentiel de la musique infrasonore: Avec quelques applications intersensorielles | Max Patches 1 & 2

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A large-scale installation that is to take place in June 2014 at the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme (MSH) Paris Nord (that will mark the opening of its new building) and for a preview show that will take place in May 2013, most likely at the University of Paris 8 or at the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris.

This installation will be the centerpiece of my dissertation. Along with myself as composer, this project will involve the collaboration of Bob Lamp, a California-based mechanic sculpture and visual artist, Nicolas Fdida, a doctor of physics and an optics expert acting as our scientific advisor, as well as Anne Sedes, my thesis director, expert in music technologies who brings with her the support of the CICM (Centre de recherche Informatique et Création Musicale) and the MSH Paris Nord.

A description of the project is as follows:

In a collaboration between composer Alexis Crawshaw and visual artist Bob Lamp, we aim to create an installation that explores the intersensorial nature of infrasounds (acoustic waves below or equal to 20 Hz having vibraotactile properties). We will present a series of visual pieces in the manner of works in an art gallery. The infrasonic musical componant will be similar to the idea of a sound scupture; the frequencies in the composition will be tailored to the dimensions of the venue to provoke room modes and stationary waves. We hope to use 2 subwoofers to exploit the spatial diffusional effects of infrasounds, such as complex polyrhythms from combined monaural beats, out-of-phase waves, etc. The visual works will be attached to the walls or arranged/suspended within the space according to the nodes of the standing waves. Certain pieces would be placed in order to reflect parts of the waves. Furthermore, other objects would be optimized to transduce the sound waves into mechanical vibrations, and also be calibrated so that such vibrations would produce their own sonority. We would also include visual aspects that would be modulated by the sonic element: such as cymatic art as well as a system of prisms, mirrors and lasers (directed toward the ceiling) placed near the subwoofers so that the displacement of air would influence the trajectories of the lasers.